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While designing a garden to suit my clients, huge emphasis is placed on the principles of garden design which are individual to each client’s garden – materials, focal points, balance & proportion, unity and repetition, movement within the garden, colour, texture and materials all must be considered in depth.

While a lot of work and thought goes into designing a garden considering all the practical principles of design, I want the client’s personality and their garden taste to be the final element that pulls the whole garden together to make the perfect garden. The interior and soft furnishings of the house reflect the clients taste and I want to bring this out to their garden in a similar manner to make it a seamless link between inside and outside and thus extending their house into their garden.

On visiting a garden for the first time my initial observations will include the aspect, wind direction and surroundings as these effect the placement of patios, seating areas, play area, working areas, vegetable gardens & flowerbeds. Along with this, the location of the house within the garden, the main access routes from the house to the road or car parking and the view from inside the house.  The practical elements are a huge consideration when locating the different areas within the garden.

Plant selection is vital in softening hard landscaping and providing another dimension to a garden – while doing planting schemes for gardens I design according to the light, soil, plant hardiness, height & spread of the plant, the type of plant used for specific client needs or preferences, the interest the plant can provide whether it be colour, foliage, biodiversity or fragrance and the care required to maintain the plant. The view of the planting from the house and the location of trees in relation to the house is also a huge consideration.

While my Garden Design business is based in Cork, I have designs completed for clients all over Munster, west of Ireland and the Midlands.

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gift vouchers available

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